Overuse Injuries - Are Your Training Too Much?

What Are Overuse Injuries?

Most of the injuries on this website can be classified as overuse injuries. As there are a large number of biomechanical overuse injuries that can occur in the body due to the foot posture. We have chosen to write specifically about the most common ones. This page will discuss overuse injuries in general terms. These can apply to the muscles and joints ranging from the feet all the way up to the spine.

What Are The Symptoms Of Overuse Injuries?

·      Pain
·      Swelling
·      Reduced range of movements
·      Difficulty with normal everyday activities
·      Persistent injuries
·      Reoccuring injuries

How Do Orthotic Insoles Help?

Orthotic insoles can help by improving the posture of the foot, this in turn creates a solid foundation for the lower limbs and pelvis to move off. Injuries closer to the feet will get more of a benefit from the orthotics. Exercises will play a larger role in the treatment of injuries that are closer to the spine. When performing intense training, orthotic insoles will correct small foot imbalances that can make a big difference over receptive movements and training sessions.

What Orthotic Insoles Are Best For Overuse Injuries?

Depending on the degree of pronation, and deformities of the foot, over-the-counter or custom made orthotic insoles may be beneficial. In injuries where over-the-counter orthotic insoles are suitable the lifespan of the orthotics will need to be considered. Custom made orthotic insoles tend to last a lot longer and provide more consistent benefit than over-the-counter orthotic insoles.

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