Morton's Neuroma - A Thickening Around A Nerve In The Foot

What Is A Morton's Neuroma?

Between the long bones of the feet, the bones that run from the ankles to the toes, there are four nerves - one between each of the bones. A Morton's neuroma is an irritation, or damage, to one of these nerves due to compression or traction. A thickening of the tissues around the nerve due to tissue damage can result in the nerve compression.

What Are The Symptoms Of Morton's Neuroma?

·      Feeling of a stone in your shoe
·      Burning pain that starts in your foot, and may spread to the toes
·      Tingling or numbness that spreads into your toes from the ball of the foot

How Do Orthotic Insoles Help?

A Morton’s neuroma can occur due to many causes. A narrow fitting shoe can squeeze the long bones the foot together compressing and irritating the nerve. A foot that over pronates moderate to severely may show a collapse of the transverse arch of the foot. This collapse of the arch can lead to the long bones coming closer together, and again pinching the nerve. Orthotic insoles can be used to correct an overpronation, lift the transverse arch, or specifically lift and separate two of the metatarsal bones.

What Orthotic Insoles Are Best For Morton's Neuroma?

Due to the specificity of a single nerve being pinched, custom orthotic insoles will be more beneficial in treating a Morton’s neuroma than over-the-counter prefabricated orthotic.

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