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A website dedicated to teaching you about orthotics and what type is best for you.
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We believe in educating you about your injury and treatment options.
"An Educated Patient Is Empowered; Thus, More Likely To Become Healthy."
- Dr. Dean Ornish

Who we are

Orthotic.ie is a website designed by ReBalance Physiotherapy to help teach you about lower limb injuries, orthotics and what type of orthotics can help you.

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What we do

ReBalance Physiotherapy is a physiotherapy clinic that specialises in musculoskeletal injuries. Our first choice in interventions is exercises based therapy assisted by Dry Needling, Massage and Shockwave. However some injuries do not respond to these treatments. Orthotics can help resolve these stubborn injuries. This website is dedicated to informing you about how orthotics can help treat these injuries.

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How To Use This Website


Under the dysfunction heading, we have divided the injuries into there anatomical locations. Within these sub headings we discuss the most common injuries that orthotics can assist. The injury mechanism and how orthotics correct the dysfunction are also discussed. We also advise you on the best type of orthotic for each injury.


In the orthotic page, we discuss the various types of orthotics, how they correct biomechanics issues and when you should use orthotics. We also discuss the benefits of each type of orthotics and their modifications. This gives you an idea of what orthotic will suit your needs.


In the final section of the website we touch on some of the other treatment interventions that can help you get the best benefits from your orthotics. We also talk about medical interventions that may be needed if the orthotics do not provide the expected results.


Do you have any questions about Orthotics?
If you have any questions regarding orthotics that we have not answered on this website, or any questions about your injury, please contact us.
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