Lateral Ankle Sprains - Rolling Your Ankle

What Are Lateral Ankle Sprains?

The lateral ankle ligaments prevent the foot from rolling too far inwards. These ligaments, along with the medial ligaments of the ankle, provide a stability to the ankle and foot. In an ankle sprain the lateral ligaments, on the outside of the ankle, are damaged. This can be anywhere from a small tear to a complete tear (rupture) of the ligaments.

What Are The Symptoms Of Lateral Ankle Sprains?

·      Pain on the outside of the foot
·      Swelling
·      Bruising
·      Redness
·      Inability to walk or bear weight through the leg
·      Reduced range of movement of the ankle

How Do Orthotic Insoles Help?

In non-traumatic injuries of these ligaments there is usually a medial to lateral instability of the foot prior to the injury. This instability may be caused by either the bones and ligaments of the foot, or due to a weakness in the muscles on the inside and outside of the leg. Orthotic insoles can help to place the foot in a better posture supplying more stability to the ankle joint, and allowing the muscles to work in their most efficient range. This gives the ankle more stability and strength and prevent lateral ankle sprains..

What Orthotic Insoles Are Best For Ankle Sprains?

Research has shown that in the prevention of lateral ankle sprains custom made orthotic insoles show better results than over-the-counter orthotics in reducing injury risk.

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