Flat Feet - The Most Common Foot Dysfunction

Flat feet is not an injury but a deformity of the foot. This means that flat feet itself will not cause pain, but it is a foot posture that is more likely to induce pain through excessive stress on tissues surrounding it.

What Are Flat Feet?

Flat feet is also known as “Pes Planus”, “Over-Pronated Foot” or a “Collapsed Arch” among others. The most predominate feature of flat feet is the low or non-existent arch of the foot. Flat feet are the most common foot dysfunction and effects up to 70% of the population.

Injuries Associated With Flat Feet

·      Sesamoiditis
·      Plantar Fascitis
·      Lateral Ankle Sprain
·      Shin Splints
·      Achilles Tendinopathy
·      Peroneal Tendinopathy/Dysfunction
·      IT Band Syndrome
·      Patella Femoral Pain Syndrome
·      Meniscal Strains

How Do Orthotic Insoles Help?

In a foot that is experiencing flat feet the structure of the foot has started to collapse or has totally collapsed. This change in posture leads to increased stress on the muscles and tendons on the bottom of the foot, and the back of the calf due to the lack of rigidity in the bones of the foot. The collapse leads to an internal rotation of the lower limb. This rotation places an increased stress on the knee joint and hip and thigh muscles of the leg. Orthotic insoles help by recreating the ideal arch and restoring the correct biomechanical functioning of the foot and aligning the rest of the lower limb on top of the foot.

Insoles for flat feet

What Orthotic Insoles Are Best For Fallen Arches?

Due to the different types of injuries that occur due to flat feet, both over-the-counter and custom made orthotic insoles can be used to treat the injury. The type of orthotics used as a treatment is dependent on the extent of collapse of the arch and the type of injury.

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