Complete Rehab Set

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This set includes three Trigger Point Massage Balls, Peanuts trigger Point Massage Ball and a Foam Roller. The sets allows you to target sore painful areas and by applying pressure, successfully relieve tension and release tight knotted muscles. Trigger Massage Balls can help effectively get rid of shoulder pain, neck pain, upper and lower back pain, hip and glute pain and stiffness, leg and knee pain, calf pain, ankle stiffness, achilles problems and muscle tension. Each of the three differently coloured balls work effectively on a specific body area. Specification Colour: Blue (Low Density), Green (Medium Density), Grey (Hard Density). This set includes all three Trigger Point Massage Balls. Peanut Trigger Point Massage Ball can help to reduce pain in the shoulders, neck, back, hips, glutes, hamstrings, calves and myofascial release. The peanut ball can be used on a table, against the wall or on the floor. Lightweight and portable, ideal to pop into your bag for use whilst at home or on vacation. Highly durable, water resistant and easy-to-clean surface. Material PVC. Trigger Point Grid Foam Massage Roller is extremely durable and strong. The Grid Massage Foam Roller provides firm support for all body types. Featuring various surfaces to give you the ultimate foam roller self-massage experience. The roller provides you with an extremely reliable and functional tool that can be used for myofascial self-massage. Lightweight and compact to easily store and carry. Made From High Density eco Friendly Eva Foam. Simple wipe clean surface for long-lasting and hygienic use.

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